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Cracked tooth

Ouch! No Cincinnati dental patient wants the pain and inconvenience of a cracked tooth, so today in the West Chester Dental Group dental blog we are going to focus on how to avoid this preventable problem.

The first thing to remember is that avoiding a cracked tooth is not rocket science; you should steer clear of chewing on hard things if you don’t want a cracked tooth! This includes ice, hard candy, and (sorry cinephiles) popcorn.

Also, protect against any impact on the mouth that could be experienced during sporting events. If you are a member of a local Tri-State or Butler County rec center basketball, ultimate frisbee, or flag football league, pick up a mouth guard at a Cincinnati area sporting goods store.

Tooth grinding is never a good thing, and it can even lead to a cracked tooth or temporomandibular conditions. Talk to your dentist, doctor, or physical therapist and try some stress reduction techniques to keep your jaw nice and relaxed.

Be sure to keep your regular check-ups with your Mason dentist because your dentist can spot possible problems that could predispose you to a cracked tooth such as an uneven chewing surface or brittle teeth.

If you have a cracked tooth, you’ll want to pursue the correct course of treatment and, if needed, explore some cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix any visible damage such as veneers, a porcelain crown, or a dental implant.

Hi. I’m the dentist of Sanjeev Goel of West Chester. I practice general and cosmetic dentistry. My practice, West Chester Dental Group, offers the following services:

  • porcelain veneers
  • prepless veneers
  • teeth whitening
  • sedation dentistry

If you are in the Tri-State, Butler County, or Mason area and are in need of dental care or have questions about teeth whitening or smile makeovers please give us a call at 513-942-8181.