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Dentures represent a financial investment, but they are also an investment in your appearance, health, and self-esteem. Taking care of your dentures is an important factor in their long-term cost-effectiveness. The team at West Chester Dental Group provides this advice for Cincinnati area patients to keep dentures affordable and last a long time.


To maintain a sanitary mouth and dentures, always wash your hands before removing dentures. They can get away from you and may break on impact with the countertop, sink, or floor, so work over a clean, folded towel when handling dentures.

Unless your dentist recommends otherwise, it’s usually best to keep dentures moist when they aren’t in your mouth, to preserve their shape. If you don’t wear your dentures at night, soak them in a mild denture cleanser. The soaking solution may cause metal attachments on some dentures to tarnish, so that type should go in plain, freshwater.


Plaque forms on dentures just like it does on natural teeth. If you don’t remove it with routine cleaning, bacteria will cause bad breath and mouth sores. Daily brushing also keeps dentures attractively stain-free. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub all areas of the denture and attachments gently. Rinse in cool or warm water (hot water may warp the acrylic).

Use a mild denture cleaner or clear dishwashing liquid when brushing. Toothpaste and household cleaners are too abrasive – they leave scratches that dull your dentures and hold bacteria. Stay away from bleach; it may lighten the pink gum portion of dentures.


Dentures with broken parts, chips, cracks, loose teeth or areas of breakage put a strain on your entire mouth.

West Chester Dental Group provides high-quality dentures, but even the best occasionally need repair or adjustment. This is very precise work that impacts stability, fit, comfort, and function so please DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust dentures on your own. Do-it-yourself kits may permanently damage dentures or contain glue with harmful chemicals.

You’ll get the best value from your dentures by seeing us if they need repair or adjustment. We can often take care of it in house, or we will arrange for our professional dental laboratory to fix your dentures.

Great-fitting dentures can be an affordable way to restore your enjoyment in smiling, speaking, and eating. West Chester Dental Group helps patients in the Cincinnati area get a long life from their dentures, with regular examinations and advice on home care. Call 513-942-8181 today to schedule a denture consultation.