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Dental crowns have been around for a long time. Historians believe that the Etruscans placed gold crowns back in 166 AD. Materials and techniques have evolved dramatically since ancient times, but one aspect is probably unchanged. Patients want their crowns to look good and last a long time. The doctors at West Chester Dental Group share these tips to help patients in the Cincinnati area care for their porcelain crowns.


The visible portion of a tooth is covered with a layer of white enamel. The enamel and the dentin structure beneath it are strong, but they can be compromised by breakage, decay, or root canal therapy. A crown is a cap made of lustrous porcelain that fits over the tooth (after all areas of damage have been removed) to protect the tooth and restore strength, chewing function, and natural appearance. Crowns are also used to finish stand-alone dental implants and as part of fixed bridges.


Properly designed, fabricated with high-quality materials by a reputable dental laboratory, and placed with precision and experience, crowns are strong and durable. However, crowns can chip or they can become dislodged. To help your crown last a long time, don’t chew ice or bite on hard objects. Wear a mouth guard if you participate in contact sports or other activities that could cause your jaws to come together abruptly. Talk with your dentist at West Chester Dental Group about a nightguard to protect your crown (and your teeth and jaws) if you are a bruxer.


Your crown cannot develop tooth decay, but the living tooth underneath it can. The best thing you can do for the longevity of your porcelain crown and your overall oral health is to practice good home hygiene. Brush after meals or at least twice a day, using non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. When brushing, give a little extra attention to the margin, the area where the crown meets the gum line. Keeping the margin very clean will help to avoid gum disease. Floss gently but thoroughly before bedtime.

Maintain regular check-ups at West Chester Dental Group, and be sure to tell the dentist if your crown causes any sensitivity. Because we take a great deal of pride in the process, it is unusual for one of our crowns to come loose. However, if this happens, rinse the crown with plain water and wrap it in a tissue. Call us right away to have it re-cemented.

The West Chester Dental Group doctors are here to answer your questions about porcelain crowns and other dental matters. Call 513-942-8181 today to become a patient.