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There was a time when you had just two choices if you lost a tooth. You could wear a fixed bridge, which is an artificial tooth held in place on top of the gum by crowns on the adjoining teeth, or you could simply live with a missing tooth – a gap that affected your appearance, speech, and diet and allowed remaining teeth to shift out of position. Today patients in the Cincinnati area have a better option. The dentists at West Chester Dental Group offer dental implants, a lifetime solution to missing teeth.

A tooth is held securely in place by a root that extends into the jawbone. Each time you bite down, the root stimulates the bone to stay strong and healthy. A dental implant is the closest replacement available for that scenario. It is a small cylinder made of a sturdy, biocompatible material (usually a titanium alloy). During a brief surgical procedure, a tiny opening is made in the gum tissue and the implant is precisely placed at the site of the missing tooth. The process is pre-planned and computer-guided with three-dimensional imagery of your mouth.

Your jawbone fuses to the dental implant, mimicking a tooth root. Then the dentist adds a post and a beautiful porcelain crown. The result feels, functions, and looks like a natural tooth and requires only your normal good oral hygiene. This is an extremely reliable option to replace a single missing tooth or several (even a whole arch). Dental implants can also be used to add a great deal of stability to the denture.

Many dentists say they offer a “full range of services,” but how do you choose from among the many implant dentists in Cincinnati for the best outcome of your procedure? First, look for a practice with at least one doctor who has special training and experience in implant dentistry. This dentist should take time to thoroughly assess your situation and design a treatment plan customized just for you. Because gum disease can have a great deal of impact on dental implant treatment, the dentist should talk with you about your gum and bone health. Whether the placement of the implant is performed on-site or referred to as a dental surgeon, the practice should have modern, computerized equipment to complete the implant restoration.

While all of the doctors at West Chester Dental Group are well qualified in implant restoration, Dr. Sanjeev Goel has additional specialized training in implant dentistry. He is a Fellow in the International College of Dentistry and maintains active membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry to keep his skills current in this evolving area.

When you’ve lost a tooth, your smile and your health are at stake. Contact West Chester Dental Group for premier implant dentistry in a warm, caring atmosphere. The number is 513-942-8181.

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