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Helping Cincinnati athletes prevent Dental Emergencies

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that participation in organized sports is on the rise in America. Youth sports now boast about 30 million participants, and that means a corresponding rise in sports injuries. West Chester Dental Group wants to help Cincinnati athletes stay on their game by preventing dental emergencies.

Consider these eye-opening statistics from the CDC:

  • High school athletes sustain about two million annual injuries, requiring 500,000 visits to the doctor and 30,000 hospitalizations.
  • Approximately 62 percent of those injuries occur during practice sessions.
  • Twenty one percent of traumatic brain injuries incurred by children in the United States are associated with sports and recreational activities.
  • More than half of all sports injuries are preventable.

A large number of sports injuries are dental and facial. Basketball, soccer, baseball, and football top the list of popular sports for children and adults in the Cincinnati area. They each carries significant risk of dental injuries. Contact with a ball, elbow, or the ground can knock teeth out, break them off, or eventually result in need for root canal therapy or extraction. Contact sports often cause loosened orthodontics and dislodged dental crowns. In severe cases, the jaw or other facial bones can be broken.

Plenty of unofficial activities also carry risk of dental emergencies – bicycling, horseback riding, martial arts, weightlifting, jogging, even yard work and DIY jobs.

Proper headgear for the sport and consistent use of a mouthguard are the athlete’s best protection against dental emergencies. West Chester Dental Group provides comfortable, custom-made mouthguards. They are created from a flexible material that can be tinted to match your team colors! A mouthguard protects teeth and soft tissues of the mouth, and reduces the risk of concussion. A personalized fit allows natural breathing for optimal sports performance.

Despite your best efforts at protection, dental emergencies can occur when you play hard and work hard. The experienced team at West Chester Dental Group has you covered, with prompt, compassionate attention for urgent needs.

Call 513-942-8181 to become a West Chester Dental Group patient. With five doctors a full staff, and extended weekday and weekend hours, you’ll be assured of emergency dental care when you need it.

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