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Have more reasons to smile with professional Teeth Whitening in the Cincinnati area

In the years since teeth whitening was first developed, a great many solutions for discoloration and dullness have emerged. Specifically, over the counter products have made it easier than ever to get the kind of smile you want – or have they?

With the large variety of options for teeth whitening, mainly the immediate availability of several commercial whitening pastes, strips, and “paints” has come a fair amount of confusion. Perhaps misinterpretation is a better word. Because the term “whitening” is found on just about every oral care product in your local store, you may have the perception that every one of these products is capable of lifting the stains that discolor your smile. In truth, the best way to regain your brightest, most beautiful smile is through professional teeth whitening. If you live in the Cincinnati area, West Chester Dental offers options that will give you many reasons to smile.

Dr. Goel is an experienced dentist who has seen the various tooth whitening solutions that have come around. Some have remained, and some have been discontinued. What we know is that commercial products simply cannot remove set-in stains from teeth. To accomplish real, lasting results takes the power of a professional grade whitening solution.

Patients of West Chester Dental Group can regain confidence in their smiles with professional services tailored to their needs. Since the very first patients were treated with home whitening kits, this service has remained popular and incredibly effective. In one visit, a model of the dentition is captured with impressions. This model is sent to a dental lab where a custom-fitted tray is made. Within a week or two, the whitening tray is complete and ready for use. Using the whitening solution provided by our office, patients gradually brighten their smiles over the course of a few weeks, seeing improvement with every passing day.

Although convenient and effective, home whitening may not work for every person’s situation. We understand that there are times when results are needed quickly. For such situations, there is Zoom! teeth whitening, the in-office treatment that transforms the smile in just about an hour. Due to the longevity of this method, its safety and efficacy is well known, and we feel very confident offering Zoom! to our patients.

Whether you have an upcoming event for which you want to look your best, or you just want to feel better about your smile, we have teeth whitening services that will suit your needs.

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