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Ask a number of people how they feel about their smile and you may learn that a large majority are generally dissatisfied. One of the most common, and easily addressed, complaints is discoloration. When you look at your own smile, you may perceive that it is not as dazzling as it once was. This is very possible due to the accumulative effects of various stain-causing substances to which teeth are regularly exposed.

There are many options available for those who want to brighten their smiles. In fact, there are so many easily accessible, seemingly-affordable commercial “whiteners” on the market today that one may assume professional whitening is unnecessary. At West Chester Dental Group, we remain confident in the capabilities of professional teeth whitening treatment over ineffective commercial products, and we offer our Cincinnati area patients options for convenient, effective whitening.

If you would like to see a brighter smile, just contact our office for your teeth whitening treatment. Professional whitening services were developed specifically to address the deep-set stains that dull your smile. Many of the foods and beverages that we regularly enjoy contain substances or dyes that leave behind tiny particles, which then settle into the pores of the enamel. Teeth may also become discolored through the effects of acidic foods and beverages, which wear away enamel, decreasing its luster.

Due to the power of stain-causing particles, the solution with which stains are removed must also be powerful. During your consultation at West Chester Dental Group, your experienced dentist will discuss the possible ways in which your smile has been affected by stains. We can then tailor treatment to lift stains effectively and quickly. We offer both home treatment and in-office teeth whitening so that each patient has the best option for teeth whitening that suits their individual needs. One thing is certain: the professional services obtained from your dentist will produce far more dramatic results than any commercial product.

A common misconception about in-office versus home whitening is that treatments like Zoom! are actually more effective at lifting stains. Although we do offer Zoom! teeth whitening, we also assure our patients that where the treatment is performed has no bearing on the achievement of excellent results. Whether you choose home whitening or in-office Zoom! whitening, you will love your bright new smile.

You deserve to feel satisfied with your smile, and we can help you with that. Contact us today for your consultation.

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