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Sedation Dentistry


nitrous oxide sedation dentistry with a West Chester dentist CincinnatiBeing nervous about going to the dentist is a common problem faced by many people, and often can result in avoiding going to the dentist regularly. For many, this can result in the development of dental issues that could have been prevented had they been treated on time.

We understand that dental anxiety and nervousness is a very real problem. For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry at West Chester Center for Dentistry so that our more nervous Cincinnati patients can feel the calm and relaxation they need to feel in order to get the dental care they need to have.

Our sedation dentistry options at West Chester Center for Dentistry include:

Nitrous Oxide | Nitrous oxide – which is often called laughing gas – is a special form of sedation dentistry administered by inhalation. This remains the very most popular form of sedation dentistry across the globe, and for good reason! Nitrous oxide has proven to be safe and effective, providing a sense of relaxation all while allowing you to be alert and responsive.

Oral conscious sedation | Oral conscious sedation – which is also known simply as conscious sedation – is a form of sedation dentistry that works to provide a deep sense of calm and relaxation via a sedative pill typically taken before treatment. Conscious sedation is highly effective, and helps many suffering from dental anxiety to get the care they need. With this form of sedation, be sure to arrange a ride home, as it can take a little while to wear off.

Whatever method of sedation dentistry that you feel is right for you, we are confident that these methods can help you achieve the peace and calm you need to receive dental treatment. Have more questions about nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, IV sedation or any of our other treatments that sedation dentistry helps with.  Get in touch with our team at West Chester Center for Dentistry today if you are in the Cincinnati area!