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Teeth Whitening

Get Brilliant, White Teeth With Tooth Whitening In Cincinnati

tooth whitening for white teeth with a Cincinnati dentist West Chester OhioIt’s a fact known by all too many – years of using your teeth and eating the foods you love can result in them becoming stained or discolored, creating a smile not quite so radiant as it once was. There are many different causes of tooth discoloration and staining that may necessitate tooth whitening. Some of the most common causes for discoloration and staining include:

Food related discoloration | Eating and drinking is probably the most common culprit out there for staining teeth over time. Tea, coffee, soda, fruit juices, and wine in particular have been known to cause white teeth to change shades over time. Utilizing professional teeth whitening services, our Cincinnati dentist team can help you remove discoloration and restore beauty to your smile.

Tobacco related discoloration | Using tobacco for years can result in teeth becoming discolored and stained. Our professional teeth whitening services can help remove the stains and help your teeth become white teeth again.

Fluorosis | Fluoride is great, however if teeth are overexposed to it while they’re still developing it can result in them becoming darker in appearance. With tooth whitening from West Chester Center for Dentistry we can help combat the negative side effects of fluorosis and help those suffering from it to have the beautiful smiles they desire.

At West Chester Center for Dentistry in the Cincinnati area, we offer both professional take-home tooth whitening kits and in-office tooth whitening treatments. For take home kits we use Day White, and in office we use Zoom! teeth whitening.

Professional tooth whitening can provide you the beautiful white teeth you desire utilizing safe and effective dental technologies. Our West Chester dentist team is proud to offer both take home teeth whitening kits as well as highly effective in-office tooth whitening treatments that can help you have the white teeth and brighter smile you deserve. Have more questions for us about brightening your smile? Contact us for a consultation today if you are in the Cincinnati area!