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Oral Cancer Screening


prevent mouth cancer with a West Chester dentist CincinnatiOral cancer (also known as mouth cancer) is a serious threat to people across the globe, costing lives numbered in the thousands every year. In the United States alone, it is estimated that an average of 30,000 Americans every year are diagnosed with mouth cancer.

The following symptoms – although they do not necessarily mean you have oral cancer – can indicate that there is something wrong, particularly if you are experiencing multiple symptoms:

  • Excessive tongue or jaw discomfort
  • Sore throat not coupled with flu/cold symptoms
  • Mouth sores that are healing very slowly, or that are not healing
  • White or red patches on the inside of your mouth
  • Teeth that feel loose, but have not sustained a physical injury
  • Dentures that have become loose fitting
  • Thickening lumps of skin or mouth lining
  • Difficulty with swallowing or even chewing

Mouth cancer is most dangerous if it is caught too late for effective treatment, because it can mean that time is no longer on your side. At West Chester Center for Dentistry in the Cincinnati area, we offer oral cancer screenings using the latest VELScope technology, so that we can help detect signs of oral cancer earlier so that you can get treatment that is effective with positive, healthful results in mind.

For an oral cancer screening our VELScope technology is outstanding and helps us detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. This makes it so that we can provide better care quicker, and so that you can get back on track to having great oral health once again.

We are proud to be able to offer oral cancer screening with VELscope, so that you and your loved ones can live longer, healthier lives. Have more questions for us about oral cancer screening, or what we can do to detect oral cancer early? Call or contact our West Chester dentist team today if you are in the Cincinnati area!