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Emergency Dental Care

Find Toothache Relief With Your West Chester Dentist

find toothache relief with an emergency dentist in West Chester Ohio and Cincinnati

Even when you take good care of your teeth and visit your dentist regularly, emergencies may arise.Dental emergencies, as they go, tend to strike unexpectedly. Their development can feel stressful and confusing, but we are here in West Chester to help you through your emergency with compassionate, appropriate care.

Many people think of a lost permanent tooth as a common dental emergency. In reality, persistent, worsening toothaches are what most often sends people to the dentist with urgent need. Indeed, a toothache that cannot be eased with over the counter pain reducing medication requires prompt treatment from your West Chester dentist, should you experience tooth pain that does not ease.

Whether an intense toothache or another type of urgent dental need, you are not alone. We can help.

Broken tooth

A tooth may be fractured by trauma, or seemingly for no reason. Typically, this emergency occurs after a tooth has become weakened over time, and is susceptible to damage. If a tooth is broken, but does not become painful, it is still important to contact our Cincinnati area office for treatment. A broken tooth may be repaired with a dental crown or another restoration, preserving intact structure and restoring full function. Repairing a fractured tooth also protects the inner structure from bacterial invasion.

Soft tissue damage

Injury to the soft tissues such as the tongue, cheeks, gums, or lips can result in bleeding, swelling, and pain. Although mild soft tissue damage will often heal on its own, persistent pain or bleeding may require professional treatment.

Broken or lost dental crown

Dental crowns that fall out in a single piece may be savable. Your West Chester dentist can assess the broken or loose crown and determine the most suitable repair, and can guide you on what to do until you can be seen.

Object stuck in teeth

We may all experience an object becoming lodged between teeth from time to time. Typically, this can be removed with brushing and gentle flossing. Sharp objects should never be used in an attempt to remove a lodged particle. If an object cannot be removed with floss, your dentist can use appropriate tools to dislodge the item and restore comfort.

When you know you have an experienced team to depend on, dental emergencies are not so stressful.

Contact West Chester Dental Group in the Cincinnati area for prompt attention for urgent dental matters. We see patients with emergencies the same day and even work every Saturday from 8AM-2PM.