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As the reality of dental anxiety has become more recognized, caring dentists have incorporated ways for their patients to get the dental care they need comfortably to enjoy optimal oral health. One longstanding type of sedation, which was once used for both medical and dental treatments, is nitrous oxide. Today, many people think of oral conscious sedation, or even IV sedation, as more effective. However, nitrous oxide remains an incredible option for anxiety-free dentistry services. Many of our Cincinnati area patients find that nitrous oxide is their ideal form of dental sedation.

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is mixed with oxygen and delivered via a small, comfortable nasal mask. This sedative is known by many names, such as laughing gas or happy gas, inhalation sedation, or simply nitrous. Void of color and nearly odorless, this centuries-old remedy continues to provide excellent effects to anxious or fearful dental patients.

One of the several benefits of nitrous oxide as a sedative for dental treatments is the speed at which it takes effect. Within just moments of inhalation, nitrous eases the central nervous system into a calm, relaxed state. Patients report that they feel extremely happy or euphoric when they are under the effects of nitrous oxide. Some even get the giggles, hence the nickname “laughing gas.”

The way dental sedation with nitrous oxide may feel

The skilled sedation team at West Chester Dental Group believes in creating the most relaxing environment for our patients. We are able to achieve various levels of relaxation with nitrous oxide by making a few simple adjustments. Because the body responds to these adjustments quickly, we are able to maintain the perfect level of sedation throughout treatment by consistently monitoring the patient. Each patient’s experience may be different, and may include:

  • Sensations of warmth
  • Mild light-headedness
  • Feelings of happiness and wellbeing, some patients feel like they are floating, or may hear a low hum as they become deeply relaxed
  • Tingling in the arms and or legs, like a mild vibration
  • Sleepiness or difficulty keeping the eyes open may occur in deeper levels of sedation, however, patients remain able to communicate with their dental team as necessary.

One of the other main benefits of nitrous oxide as a dental sedative is its ability to wear off very quickly. Nitrous oxide sedation is the only method in which patients may drive themselves to and from their appointments, due to the short-lived effects of this sedative.

We understand that your emotional comfort is as important as physical comfort during dental treatments. To learn more about sedation dentistry, contact us at 513-942-8181.

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