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Traditional Metal Braces

stock06At West Chester Center for Dentistry we do our very best to ensure that we have a wide range of treatments available so that you can get the dental work you need done all in one convenient place. One of the many services our team is able to provide are orthodontics services for those looking to straighten crooked teeth and have more beautiful smiles.

On staff at West Chester Center for Dentistry we have an orthodontist who can help you straighten crooked teeth utilizing modern orthodontist methods. We offer several different forms of orthodontics treatment, and by far one of our very most popular is our traditional metal braces.

Traditional metal braces remain one of the very best ways to straighten crooked teeth safely and effectively. This form of orthodontics treatment also has a number of benefits and advantages, including:

Effectiveness | Traditional metal braces work to straighten your teeth all the way without half measures. Because the brackets and wires are made of metal they are durable and strong, meaning less chance for potential problems caused by breakdown of materials.

Quality | We choose to offer braces made of high quality materials that are designed to be highly functional, and safe.

Treatment Time | Depending upon how crooked the teeth being treated may be, treatment times can vary. Most standard cases treatment can be completed in approximately two years - no time at all for straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile!

Long-lasting results | Traditional braces are made to provide long lasting results, that help you have the smile of your dreams. Utilizing this marvelous technology you can have straighter teeth for the long term!

Our orthodontist, Dr. Kahn, has years of experience and know-how with straightening crooked teeth and providing effective orthodontics braces treatments. Have more questions for us about the orthodontics treatments that we have available? Contact us today!