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Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal In West Chester

wisdom teeth removal and teeth extraction with a West Chester dentist CincinnatiTooth extraction isn’t usually a term that anyone wants to think a lot about. After all, having a tooth removed is never anyone’s ideal situation, however, sometimes it is very necessary.

If you have a tooth that has become deeply infected – so infected in fact that a root canal won’t work, then a tooth extraction can be necessary to get your health back on track. Some people require tooth extractions because their mouth is too small, and can’t fit all of their teeth. Regardless of the reason, our West Chester dentist team is ready to help and has the skill necessary to provide effective and safe tooth extractions in an effective and careful way.

In addition to more standard tooth extractions, our West Chester team also provides tooth extraction for wisdom teeth. Utilizing modern techniques of wisdom teeth removal, our team can safely and effectively remove wisdom teeth without a lot of the hassle associated with wisdom teeth extraction in the past.

During wisdom teeth removal, we use dental sedation to help ensure that each Cincinnati patient who comes to us for wisdom teeth removal is comfortable and relaxed. This also helps us provide more effective care because this form of tooth extraction depending upon the person can be complicated further if the one in treatment struggles with the extraction process. Dental sedation helps with that. At West Chester Center for Dentistry, we offer three different types of dental sedation for our Cincinnati patients, including nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, and IV sedation.

Whether you need a tooth extraction because of an infected or damaged tooth, or because you or one of your loved ones requires wisdom teeth removal our team at West Chester Center for Dentistry has the skill and tools necessary to provide you the care you deserve. Have more questions for us about tooth extraction? Call us today if you are in the Cincinnati area!