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Oral Surgery


oral surgeon for impacted wisdom teeth in West Chester and Cincinnati

At West Chester Center for Dentistry in the Cincinnati area, we have a highly skilled oral surgeon who can help patients with a number of dental issues that may require oral surgery. Our oral surgeon can also provide oral surgery to help with additional issues that may effect our patients in their day to day lives.

Some of the oral surgery treatments we have available include:

Impacted wisdom teeth | If a wisdom tooth has too many teeth around it or not enough space when they are coming in, it can result in impacted wisdom teeth. At West Chester Center for Dentistry, we can treat impacted wisdom teeth effectively, and provide relief for those suffering.

Bone grafting | Bone grafting can be used in a number of procedures, and in particular can be used in the aftermath of a tooth extraction.

Gum grafting | Using gum grafting we can treat a number of dental issues, particularly periodontitis (a form of gum disease that can require gum grafting). Gum grafting can be a great help in treating gum disease and getting a mouth healthy again.

Dental implants | Dental implants are a fantastic way to permanently replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a special alloy post placed in the jawbone that acts as anchoring point for dental devices.

Sinus lift | Utilizing a sinus lift, our oral surgeon can graft additional bone necessary for a dental implant if bone structure has either declined or the implant requires more.

By having an oral surgeon in house we try to make West Chester Center for Dentistry a one stop place for all of your dental needs. Our Cincinnati dentist team has the experience and training necessary to provide excellent oral surgery results for our patients each and every time, and we are proud of our track record. Have more questions about oral surgery or the oral surgeon procedures we can provide? Contact us at West Chester Center for Dentistry today if you are in the Cincinnati area!"