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Invisalign Teen

Get Invisible Braces From Your West Chester Dentist

invisible braces with Invisalign teen orthodontics with a West Chester dentist CincinnatiDoes your teen want to straighten their teeth, but don’t want to use traditional orthodontics? At West Chester Center for Dentistry in the Cincinnati area, we offer an alternative to traditional orthodontics for teens called Invisalign teen invisible braces.

Invisalign teen invisible braces have some great advantages and benefits, some of them including:

Appearance | For a teen, appearance can be pretty important and having a mouth full of metal isn’t a very appealing prospect. Invisalign teen invisible braces do not use brackets or wires, and in fact is comprised of high quality custom-formed plastic straightening trays that are nearly invisible. This means your teen can straighten their teeth without having to worry about how their mouth looks during treatment.

Time | Invisalign teen is designed to work quickly and effectively, helping teens have straighter teeth in most cases faster than traditional orthodontics. In most cases, Invisalign takes around six months to a year to do its work.

Convenience | Going to prom with traditional braces is the nightmare of many a teen, and can even discourage some from straightening their teeth. Invisalign however is designed to be both nearly invisible, and convenient because the aligner trays are removable. This means that when your teen wants to eat, clean their teeth, go to social event, or even go to prom that they can remove the aligner trays, do what they need to do, and then get back to straightening their teeth safely and effectively.

Hygiene | Keeping teeth clean and healthy is important and with some forms of more traditional orthodontics this can become more difficult. Because Invisalign aligner trays are removable, your teen can continue to clean their teeth as normal while continuing to straighten their teeth.

We are thrilled to be able to offer Invisalign teen to our teenage Cincinnati patients so that they can have the smiles of their dreams and desires. Have more questions for us about Invisalign Teen or traditional Invisalign braces? Contact our West Chester dentist team today!

Actual Invisalign Teen Patients