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To Chew Or Not To Chew In West Chester

Hello West Chester gum chewers, today we’re going to talk about that sticky wad in your mouth. You know that it can freshen your breath, but can it really help preserve your smile from cavities? It really depends on the type of gum. Chewing regular sucrose-based gum can be useful in removing bits of food…

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4 Oral Ailments To Discuss With Your West Chester Dentist

We all go to our West Chester dentist for check-ups and toothaches, but there are other less-obvious issues that your dentist can help you with. Today, we would like to explore some of the most common oral conditions that should be discussed with your dentist. 1. Bad Breath. Sure, nobody wants to admit that they…

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Top 5 Dos And Don’ts Of Dental Hygiene

Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by. West Chester Dental Group wants to offer you some easy hints when caring for your teeth. We will give you a reason to smile. 1.Do… remember you are just wiping the plaque away before it turns to tartar. A gentle toothbrushing at the correct angle can…

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